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Level 6: Disney Maleficent
Level 6: Disney Maleficent
Level 6: Disney Maleficent
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培生朗文迪士尼英語系列涵蓋6個級別,適合幼稚園至初中的學童閱讀。本系列根據全球英語水平測試標準(GSE) 而編寫,家長可因應子女的語文水平,選擇適合的圖書。

The new Disney Kids Readers are the perfect way to encourage a love of reading in English. These graded readers, aimed at young learners, are fun and full of exciting adventures featuring their favorite Disney characters. Every Reader includes extra learning content and activities, and access to the audio book version on the Pearson English Platform.
Disney Maleficent

A young fairy, Maleficent, lived in the Moors—a magical land of Fairy Folk, which was alive with wonderful creatures. The human land was their great enemy. King Henry wanted to own the Moors and he was ready to fight for it. One day, someone will bring peace to the two lands. But who will it be?

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